Sigh.  Tonight I feel so conflicted; everything is bittersweet.  I will miss Maddie beyond belief, she’s been a part of me for 2.5 years – longer when you count the parts where I was just thinking about a different life Medusa could have had.  I know Maddie so well, I really don’t feel like her story ends here, although our visit with her life is ending.  And since this is the last strip I guess I can tell you other things I know about her:

Her favorite musician is Orpheus, the hot lead singer of a band that plays at The Jolly Grape.  She helps him out with a little problem he has with his wife and the Lord of the Underworld, using her love know-how, and she gets backstage passes for life in return.  She also helps Circe out with her new crafty-as-a-fox boyfriend who isn’t all he seems….Maddie never stops loving the action side of her job, but sometimes having to always be invisible around all mortals gets her down.  She and Perseus…maybe I’ll leave that to your imagination?

Thank you all SO much for honoring us with your attention.  I will never forget how grateful I am that you’ve stuck with us and this strip for so long.  Over and out!