Time is a funny thing. Here I was thinking, No way, has it really been 2.5 years? And then, while I was eating dinner with the fiance, I realized that the World Cup qualifications were on TV. Already!? And here I was thinking I couldn’t possibly wait four years to watch the Netherlands give it another shot! I guess working on fun comic strips really make the time fly!

I asked myself as I finished this last strip, do I feel like I’ve made 2.5 years worth of improvement in my art? The answer was yes and no. It’s actually very similar to when I was training to run a marathon. Yes, I did build muscle and get into shape – but I didn’t get into amazing shape. In some ways, my body just learned how to work more efficiently. So yes, I’ve gained some neat cartooning, cintiq and photoshopping skills I didn’t have before. I’ve also gained a whole ton of speed working with weekly deadlines :) But I don’t feel like I’ve made huge improvements in coloring, lighting, and anatomy (cartooning, while the epitome of exaggerated anatomy, must still obey proportional rules to to avoid awkward distortions). These are all things I’d love to continue working on.

For now though, I’m definitely going to enjoy taking a bit of a break. Things I’d love to get back into are digital painting, traditional media painting, sewing and costuming…who knows. ¬†As Bill Watterson wrote in his last strip of Calvin and Hobbes (which was a huge influence for DorWei)…

“Let’s go exploring!”